A perfect fit for any location

Baoqing parcel machines are made for both indoor and outdoor use and are highly resistant to severe weather conditions. The new foundation elements allow for even greater flexibility with regard to site preparation, as machines can be installed with or without foundation elements, anchoring or preparation work by using a special statically approved concrete pedestal which is always in line with statutory regulations on personal safety.

smart parcle locker
parcle locker

Highest operating comfort

Baoqing is easy-to-use and especially designed for maximum user-friendliness and ergonomics for all target groups. By fulfilling standards and norms such as disability acts, all the operating elements including the boxes are easily accessible even for people in wheelchairs.


It is essential that any 24-7 self-service system be tamperproof and resistant to vandalism. The integrated alarm system reacts to attempted break-ins and reports these events to a central server.
Vandal-proof features include a steel construction for the boxes,an anti-graffiti coating and bullet-proof glass for the touch screen. The innovative Baoqing Lock Secure feature prevents the unintentional closing of a box through a sophisticated interaction
between hardware and software which for example safeguards playing children against being accidentally locked in.

smart parcle locker
parcle locker

Life-long value

Baoqing is characterized by highest quality. Baoqing parcel machines are designed in accordance with the relevant standards and regulations for wind and snow load. Moreover, icing-free boxes and a temperature-regulated control unit ensure the highest availability levels even under harsh climate conditions. Owing to the fact that all parts subject to corrosion are made of stainless steel, the perfect appearance and quality of Baoqing can be ensured throughout its entire product life cycle.