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 With years of experience in the industry of locker, Shanghai Baoqing 

Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd has outstanding performance especially 

in the field of intelligent locker, offering total solutions as well as

 customized development and design for hardware and software based on 

customer demand. We are looking for dealers around the world. For enquiries,

 please send email to baoqing@parcelterminal.com



Question 1: What is the advantage of your product?

Baoqing intelligent technology has excellent quality production and high safety use. Comprehensive services make customers are very satisfied.

Question 2: Will your machine be easy to use?

Yes. It is high safety and simple operation. We have more years of successful experience.

Question 3: Where shall we install these machines?

You can place the parcel terminal indoor or outdoor. Of course it is space-saving and 24-hour available if you place it outdoor.

Question 4: How much type of your products?

Until now we can provide three kind of machine, and we can also accept customized type.

Question 5: How can I manage these terminal machines?

You can centralized manage or distributed manage by network. Wired Internet is recommended, wireless network including GPRS, WIFI, 3G.is also OK.

Question 6: How can I contact you?

Please contact us by telephone number or E-mail address on Homepage.

Question 7: We care about security. Do you have video surveillance on your system?

Yes. We can provide if you need any special requirement.

Question 8: Does your system support thousands of postal terminals?

Yes, we can control big cluster system with our integrated network technology.

Question 9: Can you meet my need of special color or size of the cabinet box?

Yes, we can. Please fill the order form what you need clearly.

Question 10: How can I order your product?

You can fill the order form at Order page or you can contact us by telephone number or E-mail address on Homepage.

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