Laundry Locker

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    • Laundry Locker
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    • Picture Introduction

    Courier delivery

    Choose the courier, choose to take part, input number, mobile phone number to verify, sweep the waybill number, open the cabinet, cabinet, send off; -- background send courier staff number, mobile phone number information to the cabinet, cabinet for local authentication (texting courier), such as updates, and cabinet confirmation; sweep the waybill number, issuing information, cabinet order status, express employees to receive confirmation of the background, background -- the choice of courier, after stripping, the input number, display "received input verification code, verification is not passed," enter again, three times after the lock, after verification, display "please sweep the bag", sweep a waybill, a number of consumers (excluding cabinets verification, repeat), until 0, send a complete display "".

    User take clothes

    Man machine screen operation, select the user, choose to take the clothes, scan the mobile phone side of the two-dimensional code, open cabinet, take clothes, off the cabinet; - sweep the two-dimensional code, enter the order number, operation time, order status, operation mode (sweep the two-dimensional code, enter a single number) to the background, the cabinet to delete the order information ".